Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is the jumbled mess that happens when I only get 4 hours of sleep.

I am exhausted. My brain is sluggish. I was wide awake last night, and I am wide awake now, but oh-so-tired. When I get like this, my thoughts are a jumbled mess. I'm too tired to care. 

So the moving is starting to come along.... I did some packing with my dad last week. Now, I love my dad, and I really appreciate his help, but he does not understand me sometimes. Yes, my room was a complete disaster, with clothes literally everywhere. However, there was some semblance of order (it just wasn't apparent to him), so he just threw everything in a box. I have since kept going back to the boxes looking for pajamas and jeans and dress pants (things I would have neatly put in different boxes at a later date, because I still NEED my pajamas and jeans and dress pants for the next month), but whatever. My books are mostly packed. And some of my clothes. And the Christmas decorations. I'm making progress. Slowly. I freaking hate moving. BUT! I have a move in date. I fly out in 25 days. It's terribly exciting, except for the whole pain-in-the-butt parts. Like packing. And shipping. And lease-signing. And moving everything up to the third floor. And buying furniture. And a car. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to try to car shop from the other side of the country a month before you need the car? But I want options, dangit!

Recently, I've been thinking about all of the things I just do not understand. It's a long list.

-People who name their kids weird or stupid things. Now, I would never name my kid something like "Forever," but this is especially true for people whose last name is "Young." I also don't understand why people don't just let last names like "Buttz" die. I'm sorry, future husband, if you have a highly mock-able name like that, I'm not taking it and the kids are getting mine. They just are.
-Why we haven't figured out how to make healthy food taste better. I mean, really. I should be able to buy broccoli ice cream at this point that tastes like brownies. Science, get on that. Also, flying cars. I realize that would put my dad out of a job, but seriously.
-Why girls say they want a nice guy, but when are presented with one, couldn't get away fast enough, yet will trample their therapists to get to an a**hole who will ignore them and jerk them around. (Yes, I stole that "trampling their therapist" line from some advice columnist from some magazine or something and can't remember where. This isn't my thesis, I can plagarize if I want.) Yes, I include myself in this category. No, I don't understand why I do this.
-Lasik surgery on Groupon. If I'm going to let someone cut open my cornea and shoot lasers into my eyes, I'm damn well gonna pay full price.
-Why I can be falling asleep, right until I get into bed. Then I'm up for hours.
-Why shows in syndication always play the same episode over and over. In this period of under-employment, I've watched A LOT more television than any person really should, and I've learned that they will play the same episodes at least once a month, even though they have like 9 seasons' worth of material to work with.
-The entirety of the male species. I don't understand why they do about 96% if the things that they do, I don't WANT to understand why they do 3% and the other 1% is just sampling error.
-How normally I am a patient, understanding woman, but some things just drive me freaking nuts.
-Why people bother spending the time and money recording a cover song if the original is better. I really like country, and Blake Shelton's version of God Gave Me You would have fine if he had done it first, but he didn't. Dave Barns did. And Dave's is better.
-People who insist on paying cash. Use the freaking internet. It's easier and more eco-friendly for everyone involved if you're paying with a credit/debit card.
-Cold sales calls. If I wanted whatever it was you're selling, I would come to you. You calling, or worse, just stopping by and interrupting the workday and expecting to be accommodated really just pisses me off and makes me not want to buy from you.

I'm just so tired.