Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August My Glam Bag!

My August Glam Bag came on the 13th and included 6 items + the requisite cosmetics bag.

Can I just say that I am drowning in cosmetics bags even more than I'm drowning in nail polish (which I also got from Glam Bag)? Clinique always gives me one when I get one of their "free gift with purchase" things, and now I'll be getting one every month from Glam Bag. I wish they would do more of the "clutch" type bags in the future like they've done when it's been a clubby-themed month. Although I've heard those were actually kinda crappy, so maybe not. Whatever, I can figure out uses for my 8 bajillion cosmetics bags. Maybe I'll use them to put presents in or make little "survival" kits for someone or something. I don't know.

Anyway, things I got in my bag:

Demeter "Clean Skin" Roll-On Perfume Oil: $10 for the .29 fl oz size (what we got), $39.50 for the 4 oz cologne spray. "Clean Skin is a blend of orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot peach and vanilla, making the perfect shower-fresh scent."
Umm... I'll give it a couple of days, but so far I'm not crazy about the smell. It seems a little old-ladyish to me. I might have liked the alternative better (Dragon Fruit). It also doesn't seem to last very long. I put it on 4 hours ago, and I can't even smell a hint of it now, with my wrist right up to my nose.
*out of 5

S.A.L.T.Y Cosmetics Glama-ZOID Eyeshadow: $3.95 for the sample (what we got), $14.97 for the large size (2.5g), which is a pretty dumb price hike from the 1.25g size for $4.50. You can get three of the small ones for less ($13.50) than one of the big ones... and you get 50% more product. Learn math, people.
"Glama-ZOID!, an iridescent violet pink satin has a sexy touch of light reflecting sparkle. This shadow is perfect for all skin tones and works as an amazing highlighter for brow bone and inner corners."
This stuff is good for a highlighter on nights when you'll be going out or if you need to be particularly sparkly for some reason, but it's definitely too glittery for every day use. It would have been a great addition to my fairy costume last Halloween, though.
***out of 5.

 Eclos Cellular Activator Facial Serum: $24.99 for 1.7 oz.
"This lightweight serum from Eclos helps wake up skin's self-renewal process to revitalize fatigued, stressed skin. Unique plant extracts help boost firmness and tone to smooth out fine lines and damage." 
So far, I've only used it a couple of times, but I kinda like it. It feels nice on my skin. As to whether or not it helps wrinkles, I couldn't tell you, since I've only got the one on my forehead that isn't so bad (but still makes me sad).
***1/2 out of 5

Eclos Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream: $24.99 for 2.0 oz.
"This medium-weight moisturizer with restorative benefits helps smooth and brighten for a youthful finish."
I'm not super crazy about this stuff. It feels kinda weird and doesn't glide on that well. I wouldn't buy it, but it isn't horrible. I'll keep using it with the serum until they run out.
** out of 5.

You get free shipping on the Eclos website, but only if you order more than $25 worth of products... and their most expensive products are $24.99 each. That's pretty annoying, and kind of a scam. Increase your prices by a penny, or don't offer free shipping at that price. It's kind of a crappy thing to do to your customers. 

Circus by Andrea's Choice Nail Color in Spectacle Not yet available for sale, so no price info
"This month, I'm causing a color spectacle with the newest shades from my CIRCUS collection. Join me, your ringleader, and show the world your hottest nail looks with the newest shades of vegan, cruelty-free nail polish, Spectacle and Ringmaster, from the exclusive collection curated by me, myglam stylist, Andrea's Choice".
I do not like orange, and this is a particularly hideous shade. I know neons are in right now, but neon orange is always a bad sign. Neon orange means traffic delays and escaped cons. Neon orange means the terror alert is higher and the security line at the airport will be longer. Neon orange does not look good on me. Also, I DON'T NEED ANY MORE NAIL POLISH FOR SEVERAL MONTHS. I suppose I can try it on my toes, but it will probably get given to someone who likes orange. Or I will use it to paint something for Brother, whose favorite color is orange. I haven't tried it yet to see how it goes on/if it chips. I definitely would have preferred "Ringleader", which is a hot pink color. I love hot pink. And if my sample companies insist on sending nail polish, can I get some reds, please? I have the hardest time finding the perfect red. Or what about a really awesome base or top coat? Those are always hard to find and usually expensive, and always run out the fastest, because you use them every time you paint your nails.
No stars yet, as it is unsampled.

My Glam Lip Gloss There was no info about this in the bag or the website, and I'm assuming you can't buy it online because it's a Glam Bag exclusive.  
Pros: Smells/tastes good, the color isn't bad
Cons: Sticky, not super noticeable (meaning you have to put a lot on to notice anything other than the stickiness), the color is just ok.
***out of 5. Not my favorite gloss ever, but it will probably get worked into the rotation. I like it over my Clinique Mega Melon chubby stick.

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