Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I need mo' skillz

So, with 50 days left until I have to turn in the final version of my thesis, I've started doing things like looking for jobs. And by "started" I mean, I sorta looked at the website of the school that The Boy is going to, realized I have no actual usable skills beyond answering phones and using Qualtrics, decided to put my computer away, and watched Smash.

The Boy has accepted his offer to a large Southern university. Quality of life should be good, because there are a lot of bars and restaurants and music and supposedly fun things to do, I'm told. I haven't actually been there yet. We're planning to go look for apartments (separate apartments, Mom and Dad) after Memorial Day. We will be too busy before graduation, and after graduation we're (or maybe just me, depending on what happens) are going on vacation with my parents (with a possible stop at his parents'), and then he has his brother's bachelor party to get to.

I seriously need ideas of things to do, because being a master of psychology is actually like the second least-useful degree ever (after possibly art history or something), because at least with an underwater basketweaving degree, you have shit you can sell. No one wants to buy psychology (outside of graduate school), at least not the way I know how/am qualified to do it.

I don't want to do any more school for at least a year. Probably more. Probably none ever, except maybe a class here or there on a foreign language or photography or some sort of other artistic medium or something.

I know before I was all like "I can do ANYTHING! I'm smart and I have skillz and people LOVE me!" But I realize now that I was foolish. I know nothing about business, or sales, or any of that shit, and frankly, answering phones just doesn't pay enough. And, also, honestly, all of those things sound like the worst thing ever.

Anyway, I should be doing the writing I actually have to get done now. So blogland, I need ideas of geographically-restricted jobs that pay a lot of money and don't make me hate myself and my terrible life choices. Pretty please?